Kabisekhara Chintamani Mohanty

Born :- 16-Mar-1867
Died :- 17-Dec-1943
Place of Birth :- Astala, Bhadrak

‘Kabi Sekhar' Chintamani Mohanty belongs to modern Odia poetic era which is otherwise known as the Radhanath era. By that time Radhanatha had already initiated changes in language, approach and style of writing Odia poetry. From heavily ornamental hero-heroine-centric love fantasies to real life poems, this era put a foundation of diversity and modern humanism into Odia literature. A great part of it was Nature. The poets had started glorifying beauty of nature surrounding us. It was a part of putting our own nature into literary treasure to remind ourselves of the beauty our land is endowed with.

Poet Chintamani was born to father Madan Mohan and mother Netramani of Astal in Bhadrak town. He was a teacher by profession. But his love for literature gradually lifted him to the pinnacle of glory. Maharaja Bikram Dev Barma who patronised the poet had conferred on him the Kabi Sekhar title.

His major works of poetry include– Ghumusara, Utkala Kamala, Meghasana, Salandi, Surangi, Ganjam Bhramana and Jayapur. These poems are categorised as epic poems. Sandhya Tara, Kalpana Kunja, Patra Puspa and Satadala are his other poems. His famous poem Salandi is a classic of its kind. There is a balance between ornamental words and simple words, which makes this poem an easy and charming read.

But more than a poet he is known for his novels like Tanka Gachha (Money Tree), Rupaachudi (Silver Bangles), Bula Phakir (The Mobile Mendicant), Sanisapta and Jugala Matha etc.

Apart from being an excellent poet and a novelist, he was also a successful editor to magazines like ‘Hitabadini’ and ‘Swadesha-lakhmi’ etc.

Jeeban Panjika’ is a posthumous publication of the biography of Kabi Sekhar Chintamani Mohanty.

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