Shree Bamacharan Mitra

Born :- 10-Dec-1915
Died :- 21-Feb-1925
Place of Birth :- Purusottampur, Jajpur

Bamacharan Mitra, one of the prominent Odia writers, has authored more than ninety short stories, three novels and translated works in Oriya. His main novels are ‘KirtiJasya’, ‘Narachhanchan’ and his collections of stories are ‘Swapnasiddha’, ‘Bata Mahapurusha’, ‘Asim’ and ‘Mahapurusha Bag’. He was awarded the Odisha Sahitya Akademi Award for his collection of essays ‘Enuscha Tenuscha’. Many of his writings have been translated into Bengali, English and Telugu.

Mitra was a cricketer and swimmer in his early life. By the age of fifty, his health had deteriorated. He started writing much before the Independence of India and continued it till much after Independence. The post-independence state of Odisha and the post-World War II social conditions were the mainstay of his writings. His first novel, Kirtirjahya, was published in the 50s. He later wrote a novel, ‘Nara Chhanchana’ based on Western literature. His other works include: Jibana, Sahitya o Kal?a, Ki¯rtirJasya, Mitrakal?pa, Mitra gal?pa, Pashan?ara pran?a and Candra o Champa. 

Mitra was a writer of amazing genre. His stories are so narrative that any reader, if starts reading, get engrossed soon and can’t stop himself from reading the whole book. Since Bamacharan’s stories have all the elements of story writing, they transcend time and are read by all the generations of readers.


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