1. To digitize and preserve rare Odia books, lexicons, old magazines-journals, traditional music, old documents, literature on science and history, folk culture, tribal language and literature, history-oriented essays, speech of great personalities, Sri Jagannath culture, temples and architectures.


  1. To preserve the note-worthy contributions of illustrious poets, writers, playwrights, journalists, critics, translators and literary stalwarts who enriched and protected the treasure of Odia language and literature.


  1. To focus and work on, and promote the recent trend of computer and internet-based application of language resources.


  1. To ensure simple and easy use of Odia language in computers; liaison with competent govt/private organizations, institutions, academies and universities of the country and the state for relevant research work.


  1. To develop internet-based dictionary, thesaurus and encyclopedia and grammar in Odia, as vocabulary and grammar are important for language.


  1. To make available online all internet-based linguistic and cultural resources in view of the growing popular trend of getting services and information through online platform.


  1. To promote and propagate the use and application of Unicode font faces universally, and, accordingly, on internet .


  1. To provide software or typing tools at affordable prices, or free of cost, for making Odia computer typing easy and affordable at all levels.


  1. To create suitable environment for developing and promoting creativity of contemporary and upcoming generations in order to enrich the Odia virtual treasures.


  1. To facilitate and simplify transliteration from other languages to Odia.

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