Shree Jagabandhu Singh

Born :- 15-Feb-1876
Died :- 17-May-1949
Place of Birth :- Bhubanpur, Puri

Jagabandhu Singh occupies a high place among Odia litterateurs as an essayist par excellence. He was born to father Gourahari Singh and mother Chandramani in Bhubannapur village near Nimapada in Puri district. After doing his Law course, Jagabandhu started his career as a lawyer in Puri at the instance of Utkal-Gourab Madhusudan Das. Simultaneously, his literary instinct led him to write essays based on the rich history and the prosperous architecture of Odisha. These essays were later compiled in two volumes under the title ‘Pracheena Utkala’ which became very popular. The specialities of ancient Odisha, Odia and Sanskrit literature, puranic epics, astrology, education, industry, commerce and the wonderful music of Odisha – nothing escaped his analytical attention. His Odia translation – Nigama-kalpatarorgalitam – a line from the Srimad Bhagabat, to prove the extra-ordinary translation ability of Atibadi Jagannath Das, is considered as a monument. Two of his essays—Karma Phala and Karma Bala, based on the teachings of the Geeta—are intended to guide the erring humans to take the right track in life. In fact, Odisha is proud of a literary jewel like Jagabandhu Singh


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