BidagdhaKabi Abhimanyu Samantasinghara

Born :- 23-Feb-1757
Died :- 15-Jun-1806
Place of Birth :- Village Baliaa, Jajpur

One of the most prominent poets of the Reeti Yuga in Odia literature, Abhimanyu Samantasinhar, was born in village Balia situated near the famous Buddhist site Ratnagiri Mahavihar in Jajpur. This great genius was born to parents Indrajit Samant Sinhar and Tulasi Devi on 23 February, 1760, the day of Magha Saptami considered as one of the most sacred days in Odia calendar. It is evident from the poets verses as well as poular notion of the local people that Indrajit Samantsinhar was the king (Zamindar?) of Balia, an erstwhile estate, who was always depressed for having no issues even after marrying a seventh wife. Abhimanyu was born to Indrajit’s eighth wife following sincere worship of God by Sadananda Kabisurya Brahma who was later in charge of Abhimanyu’s education.

That Abhimanyu was talented and had a literary bent of mind came to light very early in his life when he was only nine years old. Composition of a beautiful poem — Karamanga Gachha Chhai Go … The shadow of the star fruit tree — in lucid language and popular style earned him his father’s and his teacher’s support which encouraged him to carry on his literary passion.  And by the time he completed his 14 years of age, Abhimanyu had completed three books, all containing folk songs. They are Bole Hun, Bagha Geeta and Chadhei Geeta.  Under proper guidance of his teacher he was first picking up on his learning of grammar, Amar Kosh, and study of ancient and contemporary literatures and had started writing volumes on the epic love of Radha and Krishna. His prominent works include Bidagdha Chintamani, Sulakhyana, Prema Tarangini, Prema Chintamani, Prema Kala and Rasabati besides innumerable lyrics and devotional songs.

This illustrious figure of Odia literature left for his heavenly abode on 15 June, 1806 on the day of Raja Samkranti. 

As a poet of high order, Abhimanyu Samantasinhar has earned a place in world literature for his style, erudition and use of immaculate language that touches hearts, for which he is known as Bidagdha Kavi Abhimanyu Samantasinhar. 


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