Shree Artaballabha Mohanty

Born :- 11-Aug-1886
Died :- 30-Sep-1963
Place of Birth :- Naganapur, Patakura, Cuttack

Dr. Arthaballav Mohanty, well-known research scholar and literature of Odisha was born in Naganpur village under Patkura in the then undivided Cuttack district (now under Kendrapara district). He is a popular name among students of literature and all literature lovers, of the state and research scholars for the assiduous collection, mainly palm leaf manuscripts of ancient Odia Kavyas, retrieval of correct text, their editing and review.

Dr Mohanty completed his primary education at Mission Higher English School in Cuttack, followed by his college education at Ravenshaw College (Sanskrit Honours) and then at Presidency College, Calcutta (Sanskrit in MA). At the beginning of his career, he joined Ravenshaw College as a Sanskrit professor. Eight years later, he was promoted as assistant professor and retired in 18 years.

As a leading research scholar in Odia literature, Dr. Mohanty retrieved the ancient Odia literature from palm leaf manuscripts and edited it, carefully printing it and bringing it to public view their correct versions. He founded the Prachi Samiti under whose banner such great tasks were performed. The committee's dedicated efforts include Labanyavati and Vidagdha Chintamani which are especially well known among the 56 valuable books such as  'Shiva Surodaya', 'Jagmohan Chhand, Brahmasikuli,  Anakar Samhita, Rasakallol, Rukmini Bibaha, Mathuramangal,Gopibhasa and Shashirekha etc. He also edited and published a correct version of the Madalapanji with valuable notes and an elaborate preface. His lengthy prefaces to all the books mainly focused on the poet's timing, religion, and religious touch in the poetic work, as well as the influence of the Sanskrit epics, tradition and various poetics.

He later compiled the Prashasanic Shabdakosha. He was awarded with Vidya Bhushan by the Andhra Research Society, Rayasaheb by the British Government, honourary D.Lit by the Utkal University and Padma Shri by the Union government for his scholarly and instrumental works.


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