Pandit Gobinda Chandra Mishra

Born :- Pausa Krushna Chaturdashi,1988
Died :- 13-Apr-1967
Place of Birth :- Dasapalla, Nayagarh

Born to parents Vaidyanatha Mishra and Kamala Devi in Govinda Chandra Mishra in Vaidyanatha Mishra and Kamala Devi in Dashpalla under the then Puri district, Govind Chandra Mishra was a well known Gandhian, freedom fighter and a nationalist writer. After completing his primary education in village school, he went to Cuttack for higher education. For fear of being arrested for refusing to be a government witness in the Prajameli case of Dasapall, he cleverly fled to the Sabarmati Ashram where he stayed to avoid the attention of the British authorities. He became Gandhiji's favorite because of his simple lifestyle and honesty. Govind Chandra was deeply influenced by his close association with Vinoba. Intoxicated by the love of freedom, he created non-fictional writings, such as ‘Jatiya Jibanara Atma-Bikasha’, ‘Karagara Kahani’, ‘Jatira Ahwana’, ‘Geeta o Swaraj’, ‘Satya vani’ and ‘Anasakti Yoga’ which were very popular.


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