Shree Biswanath Baba

Born :- 1900
Died :- 1992
Place of Birth :-

Sadhaka Bishwanath Baba is a pioneer in the propagation and writing down the history of Mahima Dharma and has a great contribution to the construction of the main temple called Mahima Gaadi in the district of Dhenkanal at Joranda. Mahima Dharma is an Indian religion practiced primarily in Odisha and nearby States. The founder of Mahima Dharma was Mahima Gosain, following his paths Odisha’s eminent poet-prophet like Bhimbhoi, Bishwanath Baba, and Govind Baba who spread the philosophy of  Mahima Dharma in every nook and corner of Odisha and have excellently highlighted the importance and superiority of the religion. According to him Mahima Gosain was an incarnation of ParamBrahma and had spent his life in the Himalayas before making his appearance at Puri. The sadhakas of Mahima Dharma are divided into two categories in Sansarvairagi and Gruhisanyasi. They consider their body as a temple, these are into the worship of Alekh. He was intolerant of countless adulteries in caste, idolatry, Brahmanism, and religion. The Mahima cult preaches universal brotherhood, non-violence, peaceful co-existence, freedom from greed, kindness to all including birds, animals, and insects. He believed in historical and traditional welfare through the worship of the formless Brahma. In the 20th century, Bishwanath Baba has propagated this religion and ideals in the public society by highlighting the teachings of Mahima Dharma, Bhakti Marga Dharma Sadhana. He is well known for his performance in the sadhana and supernatural spirit of the well as some of the most important theological works. Among them, 'Satyamhimadharma Pravesh', 'Siddhasacharitamrita', 'Srichinmaya Brahmagita', 'Sadhugiti', 'Mahima Balilila' etc. are considered to be the notable creations of Sadhaka Bishwanath Baba. He is well known for his talent, erudition, reforms, religious principles, and facts. Bishwanath Baba's efforts in the context of classicalism to the folk religion are truly memorable.


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