Shree Bichhanda Charan Patnaik

Born :- 20-Sep-1901
Died :- 14-Jan-1961
Place of Birth :- Janla, Khordha

Bichhandacharan Pattnayak, the gifted litterateur who worked hard to edit and conserve classical Odia literature and popularise Bhanja literature, was born in the village Jaanla in the middle of Bhubaneswar and Khordha. His father's name was Golok Krishna and her mother's name was Radharani.

Under the influence of his father, Bichhandacharan became spiritual and art-loving, and developed interest for Odia literature. His ancestral property was lost due to conspiracy by some wickedpeople; as a result, his family's finances were in a shambles. Due to his physical disability, he had difficulty performing his daily chores for a long time. A servant was entrusted with the duty of burying him up to the neck in the ground every morning for naturopathic treatment. Three months after—it was God's grace—he began to walk limping. He had his childhood education in the village chatshali.

Bichhandacharan became adept at literature and grammar from an early age. Along with Odia, he also excelled in writing in English and Bengali. Inspired by his elder brother Padmacharan Pattnayak, he translated the poems of well-known English poets into Odia. He also translated the poems of Kavi-samrat Upendra Bhanj, Deenakrishna, Kavisurya Baldev Rath and Abhimanyu Samanta Singhar into English.

 He studied at Satyavadi Banavidyalaya for some time. There he was inspired by great souls like Utkalmani Pandit Gopbandhu, Pandit Godavarisha, Pandit Nilakantha, Acharya Harihar and others. He dropped out of school and returned home after joining the non-cooperation movement launched by Mahatma Gandhi. But the irony of fate is that he was the victim of wrath of his family. Unperturbed, he concentrated on his literary pursuits. Bichhandacharan's contribution for the promotion of Bhanja literature can be termed as incomparable.


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