Shree Anandachandra Mishra

Born :- 03-Jun-1910
Place of Birth :-

Poet and novelist Anand Chandra Mishra was born in Chahali village in Nayagarh district. Mr. Mishra who was a versatile genius has beautifully depicted the complex ideas of spirituality and social lifestyle in his literary works. Novels, such as ‘Ractachita’, ‘Niraba Dunia’, ‘Prema Pariksha’ and ‘Bishaphala’ are the instances of his excellent writing style. Mr. Mishra took literature as the sole pursuit of his life. Books containing heart-warming poems, such as- ‘Utsa’, ‘Kalpana Kunja’, ‘Ratnanjali Ratnakar’, ‘Phula Phala’, ‘Chandraabati’ and ‘Ranatandav’ are among the offerings he has made at the feet of Utkal Bharati. He was awarded the title ‘Kabibhushan’ by the then King of Nayagarh for his beautiful literary creations.

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