Smt. Aparna Devi

Born :- 28-Jan-1899
Died :- 23-Jan-1963
Place of Birth :- Birabhadrapur, Puri

Poet Aparna Devi was born to fatsher Baidyanatha Mishra and motsher Durga Devi in tshe village  Birabhadrapur in Puri district. Sshe could complete only her elementary school education and could not proceed further. Needless to say, she was deprived of higher studies because of the prevalent social stigma at the time. Nonetheless, her accomplishments in poetry were quite high. Even worldly cares could not impede her career as a poet.

Aparna Devi's first mythical poem was 'Indumati'. For this beautiful work of extra-ordinary standard, she was awarded the title ‘Kavita Kalpalata’ at the royal court of Kendujhar, and, by royal grace, she was given a residence in Puri Pathuria Sahi.

Aparna Devi was adept at composing poetry of various categories. She authoed ‘Chinta’, fictional epic poems ‘Aryalalana’ and ‘Banamalini’, ‘Barmasi’ about nature, mythological epics ‘Savitri Charita’ and ‘Devirani’, the collection of one hundred semi-epic poems ‘Shatadal’. Her epic poem in blank verse 'Sanyukta', semi-epic poem 'Birmati' and 'Kavitavali', which is divided into four parts remain unpublished.

Aparna Devi had been living in Puri for a long time as her husband was a teacher in Puri. She continued her efforts to uplift the lives of women. She spent the last part of her life in Cuttack with her son Jagannath Mishra. Aparna Devi will forever be remembered by the people of Odisha for her unparalleled contribution to the field of literature.


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