Shree Girijakumar Baliarsingh

Born :- 09-Dec-1954
Place of Birth :- Naragoda, Khordha

Master in the art of diction and alliteration, and perfect rhythms and rhyming, Girijakumar Baliarsingh is a post-graduate in Odia language and literature. He acquired the fine art of writing poetry-of-excellence from his school days which later, with continuity, developed into a blossomed tree, fetching him popularity from all corners.

After a stint in teaching, Girijakumar professionally entered the literary career with literary journalism and feature writing. At various points of time he edited the special and weekly literary pages of the daily Pragativadi, the Sambad and the Prajatantra. He also edited the quarterly magazine Renaissance (1980), Satirtha Sahitya: Kabya Kabita (1981), Jahnarati (2006), and the fortnightly Sammuksha.

Girijakumar’s second book of poems, ‘Crouncha Mithuna’ (1982) earned him real reputation as a poet par excellence. In addition, he has twelve other collections of poems, titled ‘Kaalira Kabita’ (1976), ‘Diaryra Saayiri’ (2002), 'Bharatavarsha' (2003), ‘Neela Nirvana’ (2003), ‘Trushna Tarpana’ (2004), ‘Chaturdashira Chandra’ (2005), ‘Uttaramegha’ (2006), ‘Chitra Pratima’ (2007), ‘Sheeta Shirshaka’ (2008), and ‘Chaarana Charjya’ (2011). Girijakumar was honoured with the Odisha Sahitya Akademi Award, 2006 for his ‘Bharatavarsha’.

Girijakumar Baliarsingh is an accomplished composer of poetry and an adept neologist who is endowed with the ability to sculpt a real Konark of poetry employing his unparalleled command over the repertoire of Odia vocabulary as well as his unique ability to effect alliteration, internal rhythms and perfect rhyming that flow naturally with the movement of his pen. He has also earned reputation for his sonnets.

As a student, he received the Gandhi Centenary Essay Competition Award (1972) and was declared Literary Champion (1971-72) at the university level. He has also won the Utkal Sahitya Samaj Gangadhar Kabita Samman (2005) and Jhankar Kabita Samman (2008) for poetry of high order.


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